We are a specialized agribusiness investment group, with a high operational focus and an entrepeunerial mindset

We invest in agricultural projects that improve human health and contribute to sustainable development

We add value by being actively involved in the business. Our team members sum more than [xxx] years of experience in the agribusiness industry


We are global investors.
We are constantly looking for investment opportunities accross the 5 continents

We are not constrained by time.
Our average investment period is 7-10 years, but we always have the flexibility to stay for a longer period of time


Greenfield projects

  • We invest directly in agricultural land. We get involved in the creation, development and running of state-of-the-art agricultural farms.

  • We invest in varities with a stable long term demand or in high growth niche markets.


  • Leaders with a hjgh growth project
    We invest in companies which are leaders in segments or market niches with solid fundamentals, have an attractive growth project and a consistent track record of profitability

  • Committed management team
    We actively partner with management teams with a solid track record and an entrepeneurial approach

  • Size
    Our capital commitment ranges from €10 million to €30 million.
    We invest in companies with an EBITDA of €1 million to €5 m.

  • We are committed to developing agriculture.

  • We invest in companies with a strong technological component that aim to improve agriculture through their high innovative business models.

How we create value

Active involvement

We add beyond capital. Our deep industry expertise allows us to understand faster and better the companies and get involved in the running of the business.

Operational improvements

Our unique focused on agribusiness provides us with the technical knowledge to optimize and improve the operations.

Inorganic growth

We help companies accomplish their growth projects by acquiring other companies and generating sinergies.


We are global investors.
We are constantly looking for investment opportunities accross the 5 continents

The Natural Fruit Company





We are driven by agribusiness experts, with hands-on sector specific investment, operations, and business development expertise


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31002 Pamplona (Navarra)

+34  948 150 570
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