About Us

  • We are a specialized agribusiness investment group, with a high operational focus and an entrepeneurial mindset.

  • We invest in agricultural projects that improve human health and contribute to sustainable development.

  • We add value by being actively involved in the business. Our team members sum more than 100 years of experience in the agribusiness industry.


We invest in technology and long term consumer trends.


  • We believe the agriculture of tomorrow will be driven by innovation.

  • We focus on the technologies that will transform the agriculture of tomorrow:

  • New growing technologies: vertical farming, hydroponics and control environment farming

  • Biocontrol and nutritional solutions for crops

  • Precision farming

  • Innovative Food and Alternative proteins: cellular cultivation and insect based proteins

  • Digitalization

  • Biotechnology

Investment criteria
  • We invest in companies with disruptive technologies and innovative solutions.

  • We invest in scalable projects.

  • We like to partner with exceptional founders and management teams.

  • We invest in every phase of a company´s life cycle: Pre Series A, Series A and follow-on investments.

  • Our total investment throughout the life of the investment ranges from €1 million to €10 million.

Long term consumer trends

  • We believe consumers are purpose driven and value their health, well-being and the future of the planet.

  • We invest in sustainable production: locally grown products, organic production and low carbon footprint.

  • We invest in the optimization of the food supply chain.

  • We invest in fresh produce categories with long term growth prospects: citrus, berries, tropicals and nuts.

Investment criteria
Greenfield projects
  • We invest directly in agricultural land. We get involved in the creation, development and running of state-of-the-art agricultural farms.

  • We invest in varities with a stable long term demand or in high growth niche markets.

  • Leaders with a high growth project

    We invest in companies which are leaders in segments or market niches with solid fundamentals, have an attractive growth project and a consistent track record of profitability.
  • Committed management team

    We actively partner with management teams with a solid track record and an entrepeneurial approach.
  • Size

    Our capital commitment ranges from €10 million to €30 million.
    We invest in companies with an EBITDA of €1 million to €5 million.

How we create value


Active involvement

We add beyond capital. Our deep industry expertise allows us to understand faster and better the companies and get involved in the running of the business.

Management team development

Through our extensive ag-business network and expertise, we build and support best in class management teams.

Operational improvements

Our unique focus on agribusiness provides us with the technical knowledge to optimize and improve the operations.

Inorganic growth

We help companies accomplish their growth projects by acquiring other companies and generating sinergies.


  • We are long term investors: we are not constrained by time and our investment period goes typically beyond 10 years.

  • We invest wherever we see value creation potential: Early stage, Start-Ups, Growth Equity, Buy-Outs, Greenfield Projects and Real Estate.

  • We look for investment opportunities at a global scale.






Alexandre Pierron - Darbonne


Alexandre served as President & CEO of Planasa, the global leader in berry plant genetics he helped create during more than 15 years.

Luis Sánchez - Alciturri


Luis served as Global Head of Taxes in Gamesa Corporación, a Spanish publicly listed MNE engaged in the renewable energy sector for more than 6 years.

José Luis Díaz


Jose Luis joined Planasa as CFO for Spain in 2003 and became Corporate CFO of Planasa in June 2012, a position he held for 5 years.

Álvaro Mariátegui

Senior Investment Analyst

Alvaro worked for 4 years in the M&A team of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he was involved in transactions in the consumer and agribusiness industries.

Elena Ibáñez

Financial Reporting Manager

Elena worked as Manager in Deloitte‘s Audit & Assurance practice.

Luis Álvarez

Portfolio Controller

Luis worked as an auditor at PwC and then moved to Azkoyen Group, initially as head of consolidation and reporting and later promoted to finance manager.

Esther Mañú

Executive assistant

Esther worked in Planasa during 4 years as Executive Assistant and 13 years in CNTA (The National Centre for Food Technology and Safety) as Management Secretary.

Maite Odériz

Head of administration

Maite worked during 10 years in Graftech Iberica as Head of Accounting and Business Analyst.

Gonzalo Arrieta

Investment Analyst

Gonzalo worked as an analyst in EY´s Transactions team.

Anais Arana


Anais worked for 4 years in the audit team of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Cristina Cobo


Cristina worked for 3.5 years in the audit team of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Irune Calvo


Irune worked in the General accounting and in the financial department at Valco Melton for 7 years.

Contact Us


Calle Cortes de Navarra 5, 1º Derecha
31002, Pamplona (Navarra), Spain
+34 948 150 570

Calle Almagro 26, escalera derecha, 1ºB exterior
28010, Madrid, Spain
+34 917 147 937

    What is 9 + 8 ?


    Planasa is a global operator in the agri-food sector, specializing in plant research, nursery and fresh produce. Planasa is one of the leading plant variety and nursery operators within the berry category worldwide.


    Investment period: 2003 - 2023

    Planasa. HOME ES - Planasa

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    Wallbox develops state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions. Wallbox has the mission of contributing to a world powered by renewable energy.


    Investment period: 2019 - Today

    Wallbox. Cargadores inteligentes para vehículos eléctricos - Wallbox

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    Founded in 1979, Dagu is a Spanish producer of shell eggs and egg products.

    For the past 40 years, the Company has been the leading brand of table eggs in Spain.

    DAGU is involved in all the steps of the value chain from the production of feed for chickens and laying hens to the production of egg products and distribution to the point of sale.

    Investment period: 2019 - Today

    Dagu. Inicio - Dagu

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    Treemond is a greenfield project dedicated to the development of large scale nut farms.

    The project aims to plant and operate 6000 Has of almond, pistacho, hazelnuts and nuts in Spain and Portugal.

    Investment period: 2019 - Today

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    Endive is a nutrient dense and low calorie vegetable. It is one of the most difficult vegetables in the world to grow, requiring a two-step growing process before it is ready to be enjoyed

    Based in California, CVS has a production capacity of 2,500 tons.


    Investment period: 2020 - Present

    CVS. California Endive

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    Consentio is a digital platform for B2B fresh produce commerce. Consentio streamlines communication, data flows and payments for a seamless buying & selling experience.

    There are 88 million tonnes of food that are lost or wasted annually in Europe, a large percentage of which comes from tossed fruits and vegetables due to supply chain inefficiencies.

    Investment period: 2021 - Present

    Consentio. Comercializa frutas y verduras online | Consentio

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    Tropical Organic Growers is a vertically integrated tropical fruit company transforming agriculture through organic farming in Mexico´s Pacific Shore.

    Tropical Organic Growers has a unique location for the production of organic banana and for the supply to the North American and Asian markets.

    Investment period: 2021 - Present

    Tropical Organic Growers. Tropical Organic Growers (

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    La Florida is a company specialized in the growing and harvesting of table grapes in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

    The Company benefits from the unique production window and weather conditions of Sonora, the global growing demand of seedless table grapes and an excellent operational team running the fields.

    Investment period: 2022 - Today

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    TNFC is the result of the merger of Frutas Naturales, Fruxeresa and Frugarva, three leading companies in the citrus industry. TNFC engages in the sourcing, processing and commercialization of citrus fruits (mainly orange, tangerine and lemon) with strong positioning in bio products.

    Investment period: 2019 - 2021

    The Natural Fruit. It's natural for us to be natural

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    SCiFi is a cultivated meat company currently working on the launch of the first ever burger made from a blend of cultivated meat and plant-based ingredients. SCiFi Foods is the only company that has built a proprietary, synbio, robotic cell line engineering platform which allows it to create hundreds of cell lines a month.

    Investment period: 2023 - Today 

    SciFi. SCiFi Foods - The time has finally come

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    Inarix operates in the quality control industry. The company uses artificial intelligence to get real time crop qualification results from a simple picture.

    Investment period: 2022 – Today 

    Inarix. Inarix - Welcome

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    The Climate Box provides microclimatic frost risk assessment for different crops around the world. The company has developed a proprietary computational fluid dynamics model to simulate cold air fluxes.

    Investment period: 2023 – Today 

    TheClimateBox. The Climate Box - Frost Protection

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    Zol is a French company specialized in the installation and maintenance of fire and security systems. The company has executed 12 add ons in the industry and has an ambitious plan to continue growing inorganically.

    Investment period: 2023 – Today 

    Zol. SAVPRO Groupe sécurité incendie, sûreté et prévention

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    Emovili is a Spanish installer of EV charging points and solar PVs. The company continues to execute its business plan in the residential market and plans to enter the growing public charge segment.

    Investment period: 2022 – Today 

    Emovili - Instaladores de Puntos de Recarga y Paneles Solares

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    BCN is the pioneer and leading specialized player in anamorphic 3D billboard DOOH(Digital Out of Home) advertising campaigns displayed in large-format screens in iconic locations.

    Investment period: 2024 – Today 

    BCN Visuals - 3D Anamorphic Advertising - Innovation Company

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